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TV-Tools App for the iPhone and iPad by J Lullie

HDTV-Tools App for the iPhone and iPad

Considering a Home Theater or maybe just shopping for a new HDTV? Then you may find TV-Tools to be a very handy tool to have in the palm of your hand! With all the different HDTV's available these days, which is the best fit your media or living room? What's the largest TV size you should consider given the size of the room and where you will be seated?

TV-Tools can calculate Optimal Viewing Distances for an HDTV, give you the Optimal HDTV sizes for a given room, calculate TV screen dimensions by Aspect Ratio, Diagonal size, Width and/or Height! That might come in handy when trying to figure out if that new 60-inch HDTV you have your eye is the right fit! If you're considering the really BIG stuff like a Projector, TV-Tools can also calculate the Throw distances for typical Home Theater TV Projector. This would help figure out where a Projector would need to be mounted if you were thinking about getting a 100-inch wide screen.

TV-Tools also features a list of common TV terms and definitions as well as a full detail list of the latest display resolutions. A couple of great reference features to quickly get you familiar with the latest TV techno jargon!

There are a few variations of TV viewing recommendations in the industry. While TV-Tools doesn't claim to be THE one and only tool for finding the best viewing preference for everyone, TV-Tools is based on a the most common viewing recommendations for HDTV’s. There is always the consideration of room lighting, viewing angle, vision, etc. that may alter ones viewing preference over someone else’s.

We hope you find TV-Tools very useful!

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TV-Tools App for the iPhone and iPad HDTV-Tools App for the iPhone and iPad TV-Tools App for the iPhone and iPad
HDTV-Tools App for the iPhone and iPad

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